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Tired of lockdown ? Missing the bets, the beers, the boys ? Wanna take a breather ?

We got you. And coconuts.

In Poulpes Mutants : Ultramarathon, you will rediscover the joy of betting on the right horse while enjoying the sweet thrill of cheating twisting fate.

  • Chose your bet among a vast pool (even though we're at sea) of horses and their gentloctopuses riders with their own stats
  • Defy the odds by tapping into your horse's unknown strength
  • Or for more reliability, simply throw coconuts at the winner. Accidents happen.
  • Fuse horse and jocktopus to crawl through hazardous areas
  • Drink beer. If you're not underage.

And most importantly, bring your friends in with Parsec !


You need a controller to play the game

Art : Manasseh Rakotoasimbolah (and some help from Inès)

Bar background : Séléna Pavarino

Game Design : Séléna Pavarino // Aurélien Fontaine // Éloi Fromangé-Gonin // Christophe Amorim Rodrigues 

Dev : François Dessarts // Yannis de Macédo // Alexis Sainsard

Sound Design | Music : Éloi Fromangé-Gonin

Production : Audrey Amiable // Tristan Solaro


PMU_UltimateVersion.zip 32 MB

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